Colonial Penn Life Insurance 9 95 Per Month Reviews. Looking at the sample above, 1 unit shows a minimum death benefit coverage amount of $932 for $9.95 per month. So clearly not the best plan for the grandparents.

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The sooner you begin making payments, the higher your payout will eventually be. In fact, if you get term life insurance at the age of 18, you may acquire $50,000 in coverage, which is the company’s highest coverage limit, for roughly $13.96. Each unit of colonial penn life insurance coverage is worth $9.95 per month and provides different amounts depending on age, gender, etc.

What Colonial Penn Does Not Tell You In Its Catchy Commercials Is That $9.95 Gets You Less Than $1,000 Of Coverage, Which Doesn’t Even Start Until The Third Year.

The bottom line is that colonial penn’s $9.95 units are a ripoff. We cover death, disability & critical illness. Life insurance options from colonial penn include:

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So, colonial penn does offer life insurance for $9.95 a month. Colonial penn’s life insurance plans have a substantially higher premium than other types of coverage. $9.95 for final expense insurance might not be what you think it is, but if you are looking for the lowest cost you are in the right place.

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Remember That Colonial Penn’s Rates Are Determined By “Units”.

In this article, you will discover the. Colonial penn life insurance’s coverage starts at $9.95 per month. We cover death, disability & critical illness.

Colonial Penn Life Insurance Includes The $9.95 Per Month Plan As A Way To Highlight The Affordability Of This Policy.

This is because the older the applicant is, the lower the amount of coverage they can obtain. Colonial penn makes its living on guaranteed issue policies, which it sells by units of coverage instead of by dollar amount of coverage. That’s a pretty bizarre number.

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Colonial penn $9.95 plan rates are always just below ten dollars, but you’ll need to stack them to get ample coverage. You can get way more coverage for the dollar spent from other life insurance companies. You can do better than colonial penn.

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