How To Connect Apple Watch To Peloton Tread. Tap the set up button. Head below for the full details on how to pair your apple watch with your peloton bike or tread.

How to pair Apple Watch with Peloton Bike from

As of march 9,2022 apple watches can now sync with the original peloton bike and tread! This allows the peloton app to track the following metrics: Follow the instructions to set up your account and pair your device.

The Original Peloton Bike Or Tread Doesn’t Support The Apple Watch’s Gymkit Feature Like The Bike +.

Please stay tuned for any updates. Your apple watch may not be connected to your peloton because you may be using a feature that is not supported by the original peloton bike. After you download the app on to your phone and watch just open the app on both devices.

Tap The Set Up Button.

We are always looking at new technologies for the best overall member experience and at this time, t read does not support nfc. In researching your issue, it appears the peloton tread is not compatible with apple watch as the tread doesn't support nfc. Launch the iphone app and press 'tap to start'.

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The Apple Watch Is Not Currently Compatible With The Peloton Tread.

When you have the app on your watch, you’re able to track your calories, heart rate, and more. Open the peloton app on your iphone. Follow the instructions to set up your account and pair your device.

You Have To Open The Application Of Peloton And Click Open Now.

You will have several options, including the apple watch connection. If you're going for a live workout, only click pair with the apple watch when. For instructions on how to get the peloton app for ios on your apple watch, click here.

Can I Use My Apple Watch With The Tread?

Unlike every other smart watch or wearable that i know of, the apple watch is unfortunately not capable of broadcasting your heart rate to ifit fitness equipment. On the app watch click start to stat broadcasting your heart rate and the iphone app. Today, the company announced a new apple watch integration for the original bike, bike plus, and tread.

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