How To Silence Notifications On Iphone For One Person. Tap on the contact’s icon at the top of the screen. Enable the toggle for ‘hide alerts’.

How To Get Truly Silent Notifications With iPhone's Flash from

Here’s how to turn off text message notifications for a contact in the messages app: When a person sets up focus on their iphone, then you might see a message displayed in the messages app that says [contact name] has notifications silenced. From the lock screen, simply swipe up to.

Follow This Answer To Receive Notifications.

Here’s how to turn on do not disturb for one contact on your iphone. Head over to the “search” section and look for “silent ringtone” as shown below. Tap on the contact’s icon at the top of the screen.

Apple's Focus On Privacy Sometimes Backfires When The Controls Are Too Complicated Or So Strict That They Become An Annoyance.

If you have a recent or past message from a specific contact, you can follow the steps below to enable do not disturb mode for this particular contact on iphone. Leave them under your contacts and then click the do not disturb when you click on the info of their text message. You could purchase any of the silent ringtones here for a dollar or two.

Then, Tap The Contact’s Name Or Number At The Top.

Choose to silence calls and notifications always or only when the device is locked. Although the new focus feature has a native do not disturb option, apple has completely refreshed the way it behaves. Open the conversation thread for the person you want to silence notifications for.

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Next, Open The “Phone” App On Your Iphone And Head Over To The Contacts Section.

Here, tap on “edit” located. And, sometimes, i get a delivered quietly message along with the notifications silenced message. You will see a bell icon with a slash on it to show a contact has been muted.

Go To The Messages App.

Open the messages app and tap the conversation you want to silence. If someone calls you twice within three minutes, the second call isn't silenced. The new notifications will arrive silently on your iphone.

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