Lot Number Covid Vaccine Moderna. Please refer to the updated table in the ‘products affected’ section below for details related to the new lots added. The uos is the unit of shipment and is the lot number for the vaccine packaging.

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Access to this report is strictly managed by registration only. The cards measure 4” x 3” in size. Temperature and number of vials.

For A Specific Lot Number:

Between 2°c and 8°c (36°f and 46°f) for up to 30 days. Lot numbers should be different for the two. The uou is the unit of use and is the lot number for the vial.

• Scan The Qr Code Located On The Outer Carton, Or • Go To Vial Expiration Date Lookup | Moderna.

The uos is the unit of shipment and is the lot number for the vaccine packaging. Storing vaccine in the refrigerator. O review the list of lot numbers below that are set to expire between may 22, 2021 and june 30, 2021.

On January 31, The U.s.

12/1/20 sb o p t i o n 1 Report expired vaccine please promptly report any expired vaccine. Product name*, date of dose(s), vaccine lot number, patient’s date of birth, the clinic/location or medical provider’s name, and possibly an iis reference number.

Access To This Report Is Strictly Managed By Registration Only.

Some vaccine manufacturers will have only one lot number. The expiration date is located on the vaccine vial and packaging. Complete the registration form on cdc’s vaccine lot number and expiration date webpage to request access to the report.

The Expiration Date Is Not Printed On The Vaccine Vial Or Carton.

The lot number is a string of numbers and letters that tracks this specific batch of vaccine from production into your arm. Moderna confirmed that a total of 1,272,200 doses were produced in batch number 041l20a, with nearly a million doses (964,900) already distributed to approximately 1,700 vaccination sites in 37. A lot number is a number given to a specific batch as it was manufactured and is used by the vaccine manufacturers to track where each batch goes.

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