Rockstar Games Launcher Stuck On Loading. This is the issue guys. I left it for around 50 minutes to see if anything would happen, but no, the launcher just hangs on the initial loading screen.

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I have listed all the solutions i found about this problem. I went on the internet to look for fixes and none of them worked. When i am launching gta 5 , the rockstar launcher appears and when it tries to connect to rockstar services it just stops loading.

I Went On The Internet To Look For Fixes And None Of Them Worked.

I had this problem before and i uninstalled the game for a while with the hope that rockstar games will fix this problem. Click on my installed games > select red dead redemption 2.; Once done, just restart the launcher and try running the red dead redemption 2 game to check if the stuck on loading screen issue has been fixed or not.

Downloaded The Launcher Everything Done.

By using this launcher, you can play all the rockstar games titles on your computer like grand theft auto, max payne, bully, etc. If onedrive isn't running to sync those files, the rockstar games launcher will appear stuck with high cpu usage. Open the rockstar games launcher > go to settings.;

How To Fix The Rockstar Games Launcher Issue?

You should see two folders: How can i troubleshoot connectivity issues with the rockstar games launcher?answer: Rockstar games launcher stuck on ''connecting to rockstar games services'' it just gets frozen at that stage and is not responding.

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In Some Cases, Rockstar Games Launcher Is Unable To Connect To The Internet At All.

Rockstar games launcher stuck on loading. Let the process to complete. Posted by 2 years ago.

I Believe That Trying To Launch The Game Without An Internet Connection In The Beginning Was The Root Cause Of This Problem.

I recommend that you follow all the steps carefully. Delete the contents of the folders but not the folders themselves. To give it a chance to start correctly, you need to get rid of the currently running instance.

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