Sony Account Hacked Email Changed. Click the verify now button in this email. I got this email today about a password change.

Sony Pictures hackers say they want 'equality,' worked from

Data breaches aren't uncommon, especially for a company like sony. Hacker is using my card to purchase games. Today we will be talking about how to fix a playstation account that was hacked and the email changed.

My Playstation Sony Account Was Hacked And They Changed The Email And Password And Stole $*** Gethuman3908937 Did Not Yet Indicate What Playstation Should Do To Make This Right.

I'm not sure if someone sent this to my email or if this was a scam. If so, you have to recover your psn account. My psn has been hacked.

I Got Hacked He Change My Password Pls Help Need To Change Email On My Account

Also, if the guy doesn't remove your credit card from the account, you've got that in your favour too. One user who goes with the handle of insrtcoins on reddit started a topic sony is holding my psn account. I contacted customer support and they couldn't make any changes cause i didn't have the proper information for them.

Change Your Email Password And Contact Sony Immediately If This Happens.

Further issues will require you to contact your email provider. As mentioned earlier, unidentified transactions are the first sign of a hacked account. Well, if you do we warn you to change your login details as soon as possible (yes, both email and password).

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Tell Them Your Account Was Hacked And They Changed The Email Address Attached To It.

I did change the password using this link and i believe that it changed my password on the actual website so i am unsure. Data breaches aren't uncommon, especially for a company like sony. Ok this will be may or may not work contact playstation network customer support and explain your situation, then give your username, and prove the best of your abilities it’s your account like old email, games purchased on.

Click On Trouble Signing In On The Login Page.

I have an issue with playstation too Something similar happened to my ex a couple summers ago, it took an hour or so to get it. My psn account and email were hacked today and the hackers were able to change the email address related to the account.

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